Class Descriptions

Power Vinyasa Yoga

A 60 or 75 minute class that is designed for those who love an athletic, poweful, hot class. This practice will help strengthen the body, and develop increased focus and concentration. It has a flowing style that combines different levels of postures. Designed for students of all levels. The studio is heated to 85 degrees during the Power Vinyasa Yoga class.


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Power Yoga Basics

This 60 minute class will teach you the fundamental poses, sequences, and breathing techniques used in all of our yoga classes. If you are new to the practice, looking to fine-tune some of your poses, and/or want a slower paced flow--this is the class for you. We offer both heated and unheated versions of the Power Yoga Basics class. When heated, the studio is warmed to 85 degrees.


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Yoga Fusion: Sculpt

An unheated 1 hour yoga fitness class. Combining free weights with a Power Vinyasa flow sequence, you'll focus on a mix of familiar yoga postures, and strength training exercises. This class is set to an upbeat playlist to keep you motivated and is suitable for all levels!
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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is an incredible way to support the body throughout pregnancy and to prepare for birth. Each exercise in this class is designed to build strength, mobility, and an ease of breath, all with labor in mind. Since the focus in Prenatal Yoga is on prepping for labor and acknowledging changes in the body during pregnancy, no prior yoga experience is required! All classes are unheated and taught by Kathleen Mills.


A little about Kathleen:

After completing her initial 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Suncrest Yoga in 2017, Kathleen felt called to complete an additional 85 hour certification for Prenatal Yoga. She traveled to Shining Light in Pittsburgh, PA for the training, and has been teaching private Prenatal classes since February 2018. Kathleen believes that Prenatal Yoga is an opportunity for mothers-to-be to create space for themselves and to leave feeling better than when they arrived. She hopes to encourage the discovery of strength and endurance within each of her students through her classes, helping everyone who walks through the door to be a happier, healthier person!


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Gentle Yoga

A 60 minute yoga class that is slower paced and focuses on the breath, mobility, and some light strengthening work. The studio is unheated during the Gentle Yoga class. All levels are welcome.


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Body Barre

Body Barre is an hour long, low impact, full body workout. Using a ballet barre for stabilization; this workout combines pilates, ballet inspired moves, and traditional strength training exercises with small isometric movements to create a long, lean, sculpted body. All set to powerful upbeat music, this class is sure to keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals. Studio is unheated for this class.


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Candlelight Power Flow Yoga

A series of vinyasa flow sequences taught with soft candlelight, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on your breath, your body, and the music. Some yoga experience required, as there is minimal cueing to enhance the personal experience!


Candlelight Power Flow Yoga is not currently on the schedule. Check back again in the fall/winter when we bring it back!


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